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World Bank eBook
by Redakcja Aktualności - Wednesday, 2 January 2019, 5:01 PM

I recommend the World Bank Report/eBook "Doing Business 2019 - Training for Reform" | Report, PDF 311p., 16,88 MB | An economy cannot thrive without a healthy private sector. When local businesses flourish, they create jobs and generate income that can be spent and invested domestically. Any rational government that cares about the economic well-being and advancement of its constituency pays special attention to laws and regulations affecting local small and mediumsize enterprises (SMEs). Effective business regulation affords micro and small firms the opportunity to grow, innovate and, when applicable, move from the informal to the formal sector of an economy. Like its 15 predecessors, Doing Business 2019 continues to enable regulators to assess and benchmark their domestic business regulatory environments.

Source: The World Bank